Orson Associates is a multidisciplinary design consultancy, specialising in transport and aviation. For over twenty five years, our team has helped many of the world’s most celebrated companies to define how we travel today, and how we aspire to travel in the future.




Our capabilities span strategy, design and production development, every project informed by this range of experiences and perspectives. Our designs align the desires of travellers, the needs of operators and the capabilities of manufacturers, and our industry focus and experience allow us to move with speed and confidence.

Our work flies with


Silver Medal for Major Advances or Contributions to Aerospace Art, Science and Engineering, Awarded to FlyZero 2022

Best Business Class Singapore Airlines 2011, 2010, 2008, 2007


Best Business Class Cathay Pacific 2012

Business Class Seat Zodiac Cirrus 2010


Business Class Seat Singapore Airlines 2008

Best Business Class Cathay Pacific 2013

Premium Class Products Cathay Pacific Business Class 2012


Passenger Comfort US Airways 2010

Pre 2020 awards for JPA Design projects led by Orson Associates team members