Design opens our eyes to unforeseen possibilities, enables us to navigate the opportunities and challenges that life presents and inspires us to create the experiences, objects and spaces that will improve our lives. Orson Associates offers a bespoke body of expertise and design services to the transportation sector. We work with the world’s greatest travel brands, most forward-thinking manufacturers and key industry bodies; providing insight and innovation, industrial design, design engineering and production development consultancy.


A new and agile team but with decades of specialist experience. Alongside the companies we partner with, we are perfectly positioned to decode the ever-changing landscape of future mobility and bring new life to it in ways that will transform the experiences of travellers and deliver a more sustainable industry. Our complementary backgrounds ensure our projects benefit from a wide range of critical perspectives that span professional disciplines and industry sectors. This breadth of capability allows us to offer a single source for our customers’ design requirements across strategic, digital, brand, product and environmental disciplines.


We are passionate about creating outstanding user experiences, but it is our fundamental belief that great design is only achieved when the expectations of every single stakeholder of a product, environment or experience are surpassed. We are as committed to the needs of the manufacturers and operators of our designs as we are about bringing comfort and delight to their end users. Our backgrounds afford not only a strong strategic foundation for the design decisions we make, but also a comprehensive network of operators and suppliers in the mobility sector. This enables us to develop new ideas with speed, confidence, freedom and efficiency.



Research & Strategy

Trend analysis and forecasting
Competitor bench-marking
New market development



Identity and expression
brand differentiation and design language development
Branded products and environments
Colour, material and finish development


Product Development

Product road-mapping
New concept development
Interface design
Mock-up creation and user testing
Design engineering
Production development
In-service evaluation


Visualisation and Marketing Support

Photo-realistic digital images
Movies and environment walk-throughs
Virtual reality and augmented reality experiences


Best Business Class
Singapore Airlines
2011, 2010, 2008, 2007

Best Business Class
Cathay Pacific

Business Class Seat
Zodiac Cirrus

Business Class Seat
Singapore Airlines

Best Business Class
Cathay Pacific

Premium Class Products
Cathay Pacific Business Class

Passenger Comfort
US Airways

All awarded to JPA Design projects led by Ben Orson