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– Industrial design

A ground-up, highly innovative design that enabled Safran to capture a huge share of the market.

The Cirrus was the first business class seat that angled the passenger away from the aisle and quickly became the best-selling product in this hotly contested class.


Still immensely popular and now flown by over 17 carriers including Cathay Pacific, American Airlines, and Air France, the Cirrus has established the reverse herringbone design as a passenger favourite and a huge commercial success.

The Game Changer

The Cirrus was the first business class seat platform in which passengers sat at an angle to the direction of flight. This allowed every passenger direct aisle access and a fully flat bed. Angling the seats away from the aisle gave natural privacy and allowed couples travelling together to share a pair of centre seats.


The design invisibly adapts across single or twin aisle aircraft allowing airlines to offer a consistent experience across diverse fleets.

The enhanced modularity of the second generation “Cirrus Catalogue” product enhanced the customisability offered to airlines whilst requiring just 25% of the parts previously needed to cover each aircraft variant.

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